Printful Branding Services

Your brand is everything. So we make it easy for you to build and maintain it.

Printful is a white-label drop shipper, so while we're busy printing and shipping your products, your customers don't have a clue. You get the opportunity to create a unique experience for your customers, with your brand front and center.

Branding Sticker

Upload a design with your logo and we'll stick it to the outside of most of your packages. So your orders get maximum branding coverage and best of all, it's free.

  • Sticker design should be 3”x2” (WxH)
  • Colors can only be black and white, no gradients
  • Visible, clear brand names with minimal detail work best
  • Upload your free branding sticker to your store
  • Select the store
  • Edit
Branding Sticker
Inside Shirt Label

Inside Shirt Label

Some of our shirts have tear-away labels. That means we can remove the manufacturer's label and print your custom inside label directly on the shirt. Your garments are completely under your brand – nothing from the manufacturer.

  • Maximum graphic size is 3”x3”
  • It costs an extra $2.49 per shirt
  • There is some info you're required to add by law
    (eg. garment's country of origin)
  • Browse our tearaway shirts here and download label guidelines here

Outside Shirt Label

If you choose a shirt that doesn't come with a removable label, no worries! We can print a label on the outside of the shirt. This lets people notice your brand whenever and wherever your garment is worn.

  • Maximum graphic size is 3”x3”
  • No mandatory info required – design whatever you want!
  • It costs an extra $2.49 per shirt

To upload an inside or outside label, go to

  • Dashboard
  • Stores
  • Sync
  • Edit product.
Outside Shirt Label
Return address

Return Address

Printful's address is automatically set as the return address for your orders, but your company name is listed, not ours. This lets us efficiently fix any mistakes, and you keep your brand consistency. And if you'd rather use your address, you can do that too!

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You can make your orders even more personalized by adding a custom, branded pack-in, like a flyer, business card, or sticker. Simply mail us your pack-ins for storage, and we'll add them to each and every one of your orders.

  • Pack-ins cost $0.75 per order (it won't show up on customer's packing slips), and $0.85 per day for storage. We'll bill you the storage fee once a month.
  • Maximum pack-in size is 6”x8” and should be a negligible weight
  • It's up to you to mail us your pack-ins – we recommend sending enough for a month's worth of orders
  • Pack-ins are only available for orders with clothing and most sublimated products (shirts, leggings, and pillows)
  • If your pack-ins don't meet our requirements and have to send them back, you'll be responsible for the cost of shipping. Get in touch with us first if you have any questions!

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