How are storage fees charged for warehouse items?

Our warehouses have fixed storage fees for each location. The USA warehouse has a fixed USD price, and our warehouse in Europe has a fixed EUR price.

We use a floating price for storage fees in one location but charged in a different currency. The end price would also depend on the exchange rate, which is what makes it a floating price. We get our rates from ECB and update prices at the beginning of every month so they don't fluctuate every day.

Storage fees will be charged based on the warehouse location and your warehousing currency.

For example, if you’re storing books in the USA and you’re paying for it in USD, you would pay our fixed monthly minimum USD price of $25.

But, let’s say you’re storing books in our Europe's warehouse and you’re paying the storage fees in USD. The price you pay would be our fixed monthly minimum EUR price of €22 converted to USD.

To set your preferred warehousing currency for storage fees, go to Warehouse > Settings.

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