What requirements do shipments of inventory need to meet?

All of the shipments that we receive have to follow our terms of service. They have to meet these requirements:

  • All of the products included in the shipment have to be previously-approved by Printful
  • The shipment has to have a shipping notice that lists the products included in the shipment and their quantity
  • The shipment notice should also contain a valid tracking number (or the generated package ID number if you’re dropping off the products at our warehouse yourself)
  • The shipment should contain the products listed in the shipping notice
  • If you’re sending inventory to our warehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina, it has to arrive free and clear of customs, duties, and taxes
  • All of the products in the shipment have to have the same dimensions and weight that you’d indicated when you submitted the product for a review
  • The shipping label has to be prepared properly, with “Printful Warehousing and Fulfillment” indicated as the recipient

If the shipment meets all of these requirements, it will go through standard processing.

If the shipment doesn’t meet our guidelines, it will go through non-standard processing, and additional costs will apply, depending on the additional amount of work required. We’ll let you know what the fee would be before charging you. Non-standard processing can also take longer than a regular shipment.

Here’s the pricing for shipment processing:

  • Standard: free (completed in 2 business days)
  • Non-standard: $50-350 (completed in 2-7 business days)

If the shipment contains products that don’t meet our requirements, we reserve the right to return the shipment back to the address it was sent out from. You can find out more about the charges that apply in this case here.

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