Who has to clear customs when I’m sending inventory to the warehouse in Riga?

If you’re importing inventory into the European Union (EU) from outside the EU, you’ll have to clear customs and pay taxes and duties that apply to your inventory. When we receive a request to clear customs, we’ll notify you and ask you to take care of this.

These are the customs clearance fees:

  • Import customs declaration: $30
  • Taxes: VAT 21% of the total value of the items
  • Import duties: Up to 3.5% (depends on the product)

For a fee, Printful can help you clear the shipment of customs, duties, and taxes. In this case, you’ll need to send us a commercial invoice to warehousing@printful.com.

If the commercial invoice and shipment are prepared properly, and we’ve received all the data we need, standard customs clearance fee will apply. If there’s some additional work required, you’ll be charged the non-standard customs clearance fee. These fees go on top of the customs clearance prices listed above. 

  • Standard customs clearance service: $20
  • Non-standard customs clearance service: $40

In some cases, we may ask you to prepay the customs clearance fees and taxes. We’ll let you know what the fee would be before charging you.

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