What do I need to know about W-9 forms?

Individuals and entities use W-9 forms to provide their taxpayer identification number. You can download W-9 forms from the IRS here.

If you need a W-9 form from Printful, you can make a request to our customer support team. It'll take about 2-3 business days for us to get it to you.

Printful may request W-9 forms from our affiliates and contractors. These forms don't get sent to the IRS; Printful uses them to collect information about our customers (name, business name, type of business, address, taxpayer IDs, etc.) and for 1099 forms. Affiliates can read more about taxes here.

Filling a W-9 form is pretty straightforward. If you're a sole proprietor, provide your name and Social Security number. If you are operating as a business, you should indicate business name and employer identification number (EIN).

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