What price is shown on the packing slip?

Your retail prices will be visible on your packing slips.

For US-based manual orders, we don't show retail price if it matches Printful's product price. We also don't show shipping prices if you don't change them yourself. These packing slips look like this.

If you do adjust your retail prices but click Include a personalized message on the order review page, the retail prices won't show for US domestic shipments and shipments within the EU from our Europe location.

For automatic orders from your ecommerce platform, we'll automatically show the retail price and currency that's on your storefront. If an order comes in as a draft and has to be manually approved, you can edit the retail price (the minimum price you can set is $0.99). The currency for manually approved orders will be the same that's set in your Printful account

Packing slips for international orders will always show product prices because we're required to declare them for customs. For orders imported from your store, we'll show the price and currency in your store. For manual orders, we show Printful's price unless you change it. Keep in mind that these prices are used to declare a shipment's value and will determine any possible customs fees.

Either way, make sure your retail prices are accurately listed on Printful, because it's what we use to calculate your profit in your Dashboard.

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