What do the tags in my order view mean?

To offer dozens of unique models and color options for your products, we don't always stock all of them in our facilities. That's why it's sometimes possible to encounter a situation when your product is out of stock at our suppliers, being restocked, or discontinued.

  • Restocking - it's common practice in the dropshipping industry to not maintain stock of all product variants, so some of the less popular items are stocked only on demand. This process is calculated in our fulfillment time, so there shouldn't be any delays.
  • Supplier's out of stock - this means that our supplier at the moment doesn't have the product needed to fulfill your order, and it can take several weeks for them to replenish the stock. In this case we suggest switching to an alternative product (you can do this by clicking “Change order” in your Dashboard), waiting for the product to come back in stock (if you customer is willing to wait), or cancelling the order. You can also make use of our alternative products tool to set up alternative products in case our suppliers are suddenly out of stock.
  • Discontinued - the product has been permanently discontinued. We'll let you know if this happens as soon as possible.

Don't forget to take a look at our availability tab under each product to see which products are currently in stock at our facilities, which are stocked on demand and which have been discontinued.

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