What does the packing slip look like?

Printful is completely white-label, meaning there is no Printful branding anywhere on an order's packing slip. Here is the info that gets included on each packing slip:

  1. The products included in the order
    - If an order is split into two shipments (because it contains products that are packaged differently), there will be a note on the packing slip.
  2. The retail price your customer paid
    - We show the retail price and currency as it was paid for by the customer. That means if the order was euros, the retail price on your packing slips will also be in euros.
  3. The return address
    - By default, we use Printful's address as the return address. If you prefer to use your own address, you can change it by going to Settings > Stores > Returns.
  4. A personalized message (optional)
    - You can add a personalized message to your packing slips. Go to Printful Dashboard > Settings > Stores > Packing Slip.
    - You can also add a personalized gift message on manual or API orders by checking Include a personalized message on the order review page. This will hide retail prices for US domestic shipments and shipments within the EU from our Europe location.
  5. Your logo (optional)
    - We can print a black and white design on the corner of the packing slip. To upload one, go to Printful Dashboard > Settings > Stores >Packing Slip.

Here's an example of what our packing slip looks like.

And this is what it looks like with an added logo and personalized message:

packing slips

* In compliance with Proposition 65, orders with our posters and premium pillows going to California will have a disclaimer on the packing slip about chemicals in the inks used to print these products.

In response to Covid-19, we're fulfilling part of our orders in partner backup facilities. Orders routed to these facilities won't have customization options for packing slips or logo printing on the package.

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