How do I use product personalization for WooCommerce?

1. Make sure your Printful WooCommerce plugin is at least version 2.1

Printful's integration only works in plugin version 2.1 or later, so make sure your plugin is updated.

2. Create a new product for personalization (currently DTG products, embroidery text, and wall art)

Once your plugin is updated, you need to create a new product for your store. In your dashboard, click add next to your WooCommerce store, and pick the product you want your customers to be able to personalize. Remember that personalization only works for our DTG and embroidery products, jewelry, and wall art.

3. Choose the design elements for personalization (texts, images, or both)

You can let your customers add their own text or image to your design: text and images for embroidery products, text and clipart for jewelry, and images, text and clipart for DTG products and wall art.

Simply create an example design using our text tool, and select the Allow text personalization checkbox. We also recommend making your customizable text area as large as possible. Be mindful of the digitization fee that would apply to each unique embroidery design.


To let your customers upload their own image to your design, add an example image to your product, and then select the Allow image personalization checkbox. Note that you will have to let your customer know about the requirements of the uploaded image, like file size and the acceptable content guidelines.

4. Push the product to your WooCommerce store

Once you are happy with your product, add it to your store as usual. We recommend you write in the description that your product is customizable!

5. Your customer personalizes the product, buys it, and we fulfill it

Once the product is added to your store, you will see a new personalize design button.

When a customer clicks it, a popup with a basic version of the Printful mock-up generator will appear.

Here, your customer will be able to personalize their product by adding the text or images you made customizable!

And that's it! We will fulfill and ship the order as usual.

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