How do I upgrade my existing Wix site with a store?

To upgrade your existing Wix site with a store, you'll need to:

Follow these steps to upgrade your Wix site with an online store:

1. Log in to your Wix account and click Edit Site in the bottom of the left side menu.

2. Add Wix Stores to your site by clicking Add Apps in the left side menu. Find the Wix Stores app and tap + Add to Site.

3. Create a Printful account to add Printful products to Wix Stores.

4. To connect Printful to Wix Stores, log in to your Printful account.

5. Go to Stores > Choose platform, find Wix and click Connect.

6. Follow the on-site steps to complete the connection—and you're done.

Read more about upgrading your Wix site with a store in the Wix Help Center.

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