How can I configure shipping for Wix Stores?

To configure your store's shipping settings, go to your Wix store and in the left side menu, click Settings > Store Shipping. Your domestic and international Regions will already be preset based on your location.

You can add a new Region by tapping + New Region. We suggest adding and editing shipping regions based on the fulfillment centers you're using and modifying shipping rates based on our shipping regions—the USA, Canada, Europe, and International.

To edit the preset regional shipping settings, click Edit next to the green toggle. You'll be able to add more shipping destinations in your selected Region.

Below the Region block, you'll see the Shipping Calculation block. The calculation settings you define will apply only to the Region you're editing. For example, see the first screenshot—we have Domestic and International shipping Regions. Both Regions will have to be configured separately.

If you want a specific shipping setting for a country or a group of countries, add your setting in a separate Region.

Here's what the Shipping Calculation block looks like:

You can choose between 6 calculation settings:

No shipping charges.

Same rate for all purchases. Best for stores that sell products of similar weight and price.

Different rates for purchases of various order weights. Best for stores that sell products with varying weights (e.g. jewelry and framed posters).

Different rates based on order values. Best for stores that offer reduced shipping rates for large orders.

Available for merchants in the USA and Brazil. This setting displays estimated real-time shipping rates to your customers during checkout, showing them the total amount they'll be charged.

Since the Printful+Wix integration supports flat rates only, the rates on Wix's end may not match Printful's shipping rates and you may end up covering the shipping cost difference.

Best for brick-and-mortar stores who also sell online. We don't recommend this setting if you use Printful.

The Wix+Printful integration supports flat rates only and we recommend using the Rate by Weight shipping calculation because you can assign an arbitrary weight for products that have similar shipping costs to our shipping rates. Next, learn more about how to match Wix's shipping rates with Printful's flat rates.

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