How to match Wix shipping rates with Printful flat rates?

To match Wix shipping rates with Printful rates, we recommend using the Wix Stores Rate by Weight shipping calculation. It's the best option if you sell different types of products, like t-shirts and hoodies that have different shipping costs.

To set up rates based on product weight, you'll need to configure 2 factors in your online store:

  • Set the weight for each product you sell in the Store Products settings;
  • Add the shipping by weight rules in the Store Shipping settings.

First, set a weight for each product you sell:

1. Log in to your Wix account and go to the Store Products settings in the left side menu.

2. Either click on your existing product or add a new product by clicking + New Product and choosing PHYSICAL from the product types.

3. Scroll down to the Inventory & Shipping block and add the product weight.

In the Weight tab, set an arbitrary number. We recommend adding the same weight for products in the same category. For example, set 1 lb for all your t-shirts and 2 lb for your mugs.

The weight you add won't show up on your storefront and won't impact the shipping cost on Printful's side—it'll only be used to calculate and display shipping costs for your customer's order during checkout.

Next, add the shipping by weight rules for each Region you ship to:

1. In the left side menu of your Wix account, click Settings > Store Shipping.

2. Select the Region you want to edit (you'll have to set weight rules for all the Regions you ship to).

3. Scroll down to the Shipping Calculation block and select Rate by Weight. Rate by Weight shipping will be calculated by the weight of the entire order.

4. Type the Delivery Option Name and fill in the Weight Range and Rate tabs. Keep in mind the product weight you added previously and check Printful's shipping rates. For example, if shipping for a t-shirt costs $5, set the weight range to match the t-shirt's weight.

5. Click Save and update the shipping settings for your other shipping destinations in the Regions tab.

We recommend writing down your product categories beforehand—with the added arbitrary weights and the shipping costs you've set for each shipping Region. Consider what the shipping costs will be if someone orders multiple products.

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