How do I connect Wix with Printful?

To connect Wix with Printful, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Create Printful and Wix accounts.

2. Once you’ve created your Wix account, add Wix Stores through the Wix App Market. Click Add Apps in the left side menu, find the Wix Stores app and tap + Add to Site.

3. To connect Printful to Wix Stores, log in to your Printful account.

4. Go to Stores > Choose platform, find Wix and click Connect.

5. Follow the on-site steps to complete the connection—and you're done!

6. To finish setting up your Wix store and enable online payments, choose a subscription from the Wix Business & eCommerce plans by clicking Upgrade from the header menu.

You can also watch this tutorial on how to set up your Wix + Printful integration:

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