How do I configure shipping for Squarespace?

Here are the instructions on how to set up shipping rates for your store. You can also watch the tutorial below on how to set up shipping rates on Squarespace.

First, go to your Squarespace page → Settings → Commerce → Shipping → Add shipping option.

Now there are two possible options, depending on the products that you’re planning to sell.

If you’re selling just one product type, we suggest selecting the Flat rate option.

  1. Name the specific rate - your customers will see it
  2. Find the Printful shipping rates for the product in the Shipping page
  3. Enter the order fee, and each product fee. For example, the shipping for one t-shirt in the US is $3.99 and the additional shirt fee is $1.25. In Squarespace, you’d set the order fee at $2.74 - the base shipping fee without the t-shirt - and each t-shirt fee at $1.25
  4. Go to “Country restrictions”, press the “+” icon, find the country you’d like to sell to (United States, for example), and click “save”. Repeat the process for all places you want to ship to.

If you’re selling different products, we suggest selecting the Depending on weight option

  1. In the “Options name” field, enter the name for the rate - it’ll be visible to customers
  2. Add shipping rates based on the arbitrary weight
  3. Find out the flat shipping rate for each product in our Shipping page. For example, the price for the first t-shirt shipping to an address in the USA is $3.99, and each additional t-shirt is $1.25.
  4. In Squarespace, add the first weight category from 0 lbs to 0.5 lb, and the $3.99 for the shipping price
  5. Click the “+” sign, and type in the next category - from 0.51 lbs to 1 lbs, now the shipping rate will be $6.24. The next category - from 1.1 lbs to 1.5 lbs, and the shipping rate - $7.49. Set as many categories as you’d like.
  6. Make sure you’ve added the arbitrary weight for each product. So in the example of t-shirts, edit your t-shirt product information to set the weight for each item at 0.5 lb.
  7. Now you’ve set up shipping fees for orders that might include 1 to 3 t-shirts

Take a look at this post to find out how to set up the rates with more products (the same system works for Squarespace).

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