Why is my eBay account blocked / suspended?

This is a normal procedure for eBay, how they verify your identity.

They will also ask you some standard questions:

  • What are you planning to sell?
  • Do you have your items on hand?
  • What is your supplier?
  • In what time frame are you planning to ship out your items?

We recommend you inform eBay that you're using a drop-shipper hence the shipping from address might not always match your billing address.

Some other reasons why eBay suspends an account are:

  • Non-payment of eBay fees
  • Not reimbursing eBay for a refund we made to your buyer
  • A serious violation of one of our rules and policies

Sometimes, they may also restrict or suspend your account if the payment method on file is out of date, or has recently been declined. To remove this suspension, you'll need to update your payment method.

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