The products that I created on Bonanza aren't being imported into Printful. Why?

The most common reason for this is the absence of the SKU number in your item description on Bonanza. An SKU, or stock-keeping unit number, is a unique string of letters and numbers representing each product in your inventory. 

When you push products on Bonanza through Printful, a unique SKU number is added to your listing automatically. However, when importing products from Bonanza to Printful, you’ll have to add a unique SKU to each of your products yourself. An SKU number can contain any letters and numbers you like, just make sure that that it's unique for each product. Note that editing the existing SKU on your Bonanza listing will un-sync the product from Printful.

On Bonanza, there are two ways to add an SKU:

1. When adding a new product, under Detailed item description:

Bonanza screenshot

2. When editing your existing Bonanza listing:

Bonanza faq2

If your products do have a unique SKU number, but you still have trouble syncing your products to Printful, please reach out to our customer support

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