How do I add products to my Bonanza store?

With Printful's push generator it only takes a few steps to add products to your Bonanza store:

1. In your Printful dashboard, go to Stores and click Add near your Bonanza store.

2. Choose the product you want to add to your store.

3. Upload your design and refine its placement and scale using our mockup generator.

4. Click Proceed to mockups. Pick your main mockup image and click Proceed to description.

5. Here, you can either use the available product title and description or add your own. 

6. Click Proceed to pricing. Define your product prices and your profit and click Submit to store.

7. On your Bonanza store, go to Selling Dashboard > Items > Add or Edit Items. The Printful product that you just created will be marked as “ready to post.” Click Update your booth to make it available for sale.

And you’re done! Now your product is live on your Bonanza store, with a flat shipping rate applied automatically for that product (check out our Shipping page for flat rates and speeds).

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