How do I use a product template?

First, to create a product template, go to Dashboard > Product templates > New template. It's like creating a product, but with fewer steps.

You can then use the product template you created and saved to either add a product to your store or order a product for yourself. 

There are two ways you can use a product template to add a product to a store: 

  • In Stores > Sync > Add product choose the template from the My product templates tab.

    Product templates Stores
  • On the Product templates page, click the vertical menu of the template you want to add and hit Add to store.Product template menu

Next, fill out the remaining store-specific details the product template doesn't have (product descriptions, size guides, pricing, etc.), select additional colors/sizes if necessary, and publish it as a product to the store.

Alternatively, you can use product templates to order a product for yourself. To do that, go to Dashboard > New order, select your product template, fill out the remaining details, and submit the order as usual. 

When you use a product template to add a product to your store, changes you make to the template in the process (e.g. change the print file) only show up in the product on your store. The template in your Product templates page stays the same! To edit a product template, go to your Product templates page, click the menu icon of the template and hit Edit product template.

Remember, you can still add products to your store the way you've done it before. Product templates are the start of a new set of features on Printful where we'll be making it easier for you to move and copy products between stores.

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