How can I get more sample orders?

Your monthly sample order limit grows with your store, so you can get more sample orders simply by doing what you’re already doing:   

  • When you’ve registered with Printful, you receive 1 sample order/month, max 2 items/order.

  • When you’ve integrated an ecommerce platform, you receive 2 sample orders/month, max 3 items/order. If you run your store with our Manual order platform or API, you can set up a placeholder test store with any of our integrations.

  • When you’ve generated a minimum revenue of $300 in the previous month, you receive 3 sample orders/month, max 4 items/order.

Your account will be reset to the order/item maximum according to your account status on every first day of the month. The number of orders/items you have left is shown in the pop-up you see after clicking “New order” on your dashboard.


Note: the number of sample orders/items on a given month is influenced by your account activity that month. For example, if you’ve already used your sample order as a newly registered user and add your integration, you’ll have only one order left for the rest of the month.

For more info on our sample order policy, click here.

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